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The Weinstein Gallery in San Francisco has announced an extension of their new exhibition “Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table.” It will now run until June 30, 2016. The exhibition features the works of artists that helped spark the Surrealist revolution in the art world. Original pieces by some of the most well known painters are on display including those by: Victor Brauner, Leonora Carrington, Salvador Dali, Oscar Dominguez, Enrico Donati, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Jimmy Ernst, Leonor Fini, David Hare, Marcel Jean, Esteban Frances, Frida Kahlo, Gerome Kamrowski, Andre Masson, Roberto Matta, Gordon Onslow Ford, Wolfgang Paalen, Kay Sage, Kurt Seligmann, Dorthea Tanning, and Yves Tanguy.

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