Leonard Soloway’s Broadway

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Leonard Soloway’s Broadway Takes Theatrelovers Behind the Scenes and Back to the Golden Age of Theatre

The legendary producer gets the full-length documentary treatment, currently screening at NYC’s Landmark 57.

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Leonard Soloway is the man behind more than 100 shows—and now he’s in the spotlight, thanks to Leonard Soloway’s Broadway.

A full-length documentary that traces Soloway’s career as a general manager and producer, as well as his most recent Off-Broadway project, Tappin’ Thru Life, Jeff Wolk’s film is both a history lesson in American theatre and a glimpse at a way of doing business that is rapidly fading. Not that Soloway himself plans to fade away anytime soon.

“This friend said he wanted to do a documentary, and I said I don’t care,” Soloway says regarding the origins of the film, in the verbal equivalent of a shrug. “So he followed me around from time to time.” Then, as if realizing that he hadn’t made a joke in a few seconds, Soloway added, “And I remember once he was looking for a studio to do editing, and a friend of mine from England had a building down in the Village where I sent him. And he said, ‘Leonard sent me, I’m going to do a documentary on him.’ And he paused, and said, ‘Clark Gable he’s not.’”

Not Gable, perhaps, but Soloway’s amusement at the foibles of others and his perpetual half smile render him just as charming. Over the course of the film, he reminisces about the legends with whom he’s worked—Marlene Dietrich, Carol Channing, Lauren Bacall—while also providing as an inside look at what goes into producing an Off-Broadway show. The stories are as riveting as the contemporary portion, in which money is difficult to raise and hard choices must be made at the most inopportune time.

Throughout, he displays the wit that has made him a beloved member of the theatre community. Whether he’s talking about Bacall in Applause (“One night the assistant conductor played through the show [for the first time] and as they passed at the end of the show she said, ‘Nice try.’ He said, ‘You too’”), the surprising reviews for the musical Skyscraper (“The show was so bad that we gave tickets away. All the relatives of people in the show came on opening night so they screamed and hollered at every number—and we got good reviews”) or his current passion project, the HUAC-era drama Fellow Travelers, Soloway is a bridge between the Golden Age of Broadway and its current incarnation.

But either way, Leonard Soloway’s Broadway is one that any theatre fan will relish visiting.

Leonard Soloway’s Broadway is currently screening at NYC’s Landmark 57 through November 7. It will be available on streaming services November 12.

Loïc Nottet Releases Short Musical Film CANDY

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Loïc Nottet Releases Short Musical Film CANDY

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You may not yet have heard of 23 year-old Belgium Pop artist, hyphenate Loïc Nottet (pronounced Low-eek No-tay), but that’s about to change.

Loïc Nottet was a contestant on the “Voice Belgique” at 19, represented Belgium in the Eurovision competition and won the French version of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Sony Music Entertainment released his first album, “Selfocracy” in 2017, which went platinum in Belgium and gold in France. The album includes the single “Million Eyes”, which has over 43 million views on Youtube and was diamond certified in France.

His explosive cover of Sia’s “Chandelier” has over 15 million combined Youtube views. It prompted Sia to tweet: “This incredible cover and video and choreography. OMG.” Loïc’s sophomore album will be released next spring.

“Candy” is a 21-minute musical film with an accompanying five track EP featuring songs from the movie. Loïc has composed the music, written the lyrics, directed, choreographed, designed and is the lead in the film. His music and the visual world it conjures are intimately intertwined.

“Candy” is the story of a clown’s descent into madness as he embarks on a quest for revenge, having been abducted by an evil witch who force-fed him sugary treats as a child. Years later, he is on a mission to find her, followed by a range of zany characters each more unstable and unsavory than the next.

“My earliest drive to create this short film came from seeing an early version of the classic ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and the recent ‘Mary Poppins,” said Loïc Nottet. “I would watch the movies` with the sound off and let the inspiration come from the imagery and the characters. I hope that this music film gets everyone in the mood for Halloween.”

Watch “Candy” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQF-qs1Iq8A 

“Leonard Soloway’s Broadway” Goes Backstage & Beyond with Theater Impresario

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‘Leonard Soloway’s Broadway’ Goes Backstage And Beyond With Theater Impresario

Jeff Wolk’s new documentary pulls back the curtain on Soloway, 91, who has been cited as an LGBTQ pioneer in his industry.

To watch “Leonard Soloway’s Broadway” Trailer click here

At 91, Leonard Soloway can wax poetic about more than 70 years’ worth of Broadway history. And thanks to a new documentary, many of Soloway’s theatrical memories have finally been captured for posterity.

“Leonard Soloway’s Broadway,” directed by Jeff Wolk, gets up close and personal with the titular stage producer, who has been instrumental in bringing hits like “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and “Jerome Robbins’ Broadway” to the New York stage. (Watch the trailer for “Leonard Soloway’s Broadway” above.)

Best known as a producer of shorts like 2010’s “Last Glimmer of Day” and 2012’s “Flood,” Wolk told HuffPost via email that he was first introduced to Soloway, whom he called “vital to the Broadway community,” about a decade ago.

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Wolk instantly knew he wanted to document an “extraordinary career” encompassing decades of era-defining plays and musicals that have collectively garnered more than 40 Tony Awards and two Pulitzer Prizes.

“I kept thinking someone needs to document this history before it’s too late,” Wolk said of Soloway’s firsthand accounts of Broadway’s past. “Ultimately that’s what we did.”

“Leonard Soloway’s Broadway” traces Soloway’s childhood in Cleveland and his early years in regional theater before his ultimate success on Broadway. It also doesn’t shy away from many aspects of his private life, including his sexuality. His 1950 marriage to actress Betty Gillette lasted two years before he came out as gay.

Many LGBTQ artists in the Broadway community, Wolk said, have cited Soloway as an inspiration in their own efforts to live authentically.

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“Young people will be inspired because, as [theater producer] Manny Azenberg says in the film, ‘Leonard was gay and Jewish before anyone was gay and Jewish,’ and that is absolutely true,” Wolk wrote. “He’s no-holds-barred about who he is, and he has [a] wonderful ability to do it in a humorous, non-threatening way.”

Ultimately, Wolk said, he sees the message of Soloway’s life as being about “sheer determination and perseverance.”

“I personally did not expect to come away from the process with more inspiration than I had at the beginning of it,” he said. “I have to give Leonard credit for that.”

“Leonard Soloway’s Broadway” will premiere on Nov. 4 in New York, and will be released on Amazon and other streaming platforms on Nov. 12.



The Herald chats with Director Lynne Taylor-Corbett

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Her creative life

Lynne Taylor-Corbett’s journey to her new Off-Broadway play

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Lynne Taylor-Corbett has danced with the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, choreographed for Mikhail Baryshnikov, earned Tony nominations for her direction and choreography of the musical “Swing!,” and created iconic dance for films such as “Footloose” and “My Blue Heaven.” Now she has turned her attention Off-Broadway, with “When It Happens To You.’” It’s a theatrical memoir she co-conceived and directed with author Tawni O’Dell, shedding light on O’Dell’s struggle to help her family after her daughter was assaulted.

Although Taylor-Corbett’s list of credits is endless and her many hats (as a writer, choreographer, performer and director) are remarkably intriguing, one of Taylor-Corbett’s favorite titles is actually “Long Islander.”

Her road to Long Island — specifically Rockville Centre — began in Denver, Colo.; Taylor-Corbett first moved to New York to attend School of American Ballet at age 17. Her dance career took off soon after, leading to choreography for the New York City Ballet and a slew of credits both on and off Broadway.

“I enjoy choreography so much,” she says. “I haven’t stopped, but directing became my life 15 years ago and then an outgrowth of that is writing.”

Taylor-Corbett made her way to Rockville Centre when she married her ex-husband. “I found the most wonderful contrast between working in the city and being able to be in Rockville Centre with trees and soccer games and that kind of other life. I’m glad I didn’t miss out on that.”

A flair for entertainment runs in the family; her son Shaun, who starred in Broadway’s “In the Heights,” frequently collaborates with his mother on projects. He was raised in Rockville Centre, which she says was great for a young man with “slightly brown skin.”

“It’s a very mixed neighborhood, not exclusively any race or religion,” she says, now having been a resident for more than 25 years. “It is cosmopolitan in its own way. This is it for me, I wouldn’t move away from Rockville Centre for the world!”

Taylor-Corbett does much of her work from the Allegria Hotel lobby in Long Beach, where she enjoys looking at the ocean while writing. “They have a bar, a fireplace, a restaurant,” she says of her go-to spot. “It’s a really neat destination.”

Such tranquil locales help Taylor-Corbett tackle intense, profound pieces such as “When It Happens To You.” The project first came to her by way of producer Mitchell Maxwell, who told Taylor-Corbett that he thought O’Dell’s memoir would make an interesting play.

“We weren’t friends before working on this, so it took a long time for her to really trust me,” Taylor-Corbett says of the process in creating the play, which chronicles O’Dell’s experience in receiving the news of her daughter’s attack five years ago and its subsequent effects on her family.

O’Dell makes no qualms about the fact that she is not an actress; in fact, it is the first thing she tells her audiences nightly upon crossing the stage and introducing herself. Although she is a public speaker (having traveled the country for book tours celebrating her novels), she has never performed in a play. Taylor-Corbett says that O’Dell’s lack of experience only made her job as a director more interesting.

“[O’Dell] has a raconteur’s flair,” says Taylor-Corbett. “She reveals her personality, and she’s one of those people that can pull humor out of exasperation. There are quite a lot of laughs in the show.”

So much about the show surprised her, but she says that she is devoted to stories like it. “It shows how there’s no rule book or support system that works for everybody following trauma. People have to figure it out. There’s a tendency to spiral and that’s what happened to this family.” “Out of that, Tawni first wrote a book, and her writing of it began to help her communicate with her daughter. She processed her story for years, and now she walks you through it. People relate to her. She’s a poetic writer, so the show is a unique experience.”

Although Taylor-Corbett most often gets questioned about her experience working on “Footloose” (“When I first read that script I said to [writer] Dean [Pitchford], ‘I don’t know that anyone’s going to buy this.’ Can you imagine?”) she notes that she currently seeks projects that feel evocative and important. Next up she’ll be working on a showcase of “Victory Train,” a Vietnam era musical written by two veterans.

She’ll also continue to develop and fine-tune “Distant Thunder,” a musical on which she collaborated with Shaun, touching on what it means to be Native American in the United States. It opens at the Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma next year. For now, Taylor-Corbett is excited to continue to experience “When It Happens To You” through new audiences’ eyes. “It’s a story I love telling and I hope people like it.”

“When It Happens To You” runs through Nov. 10 at The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture in Manhattan. Tickets are available at WhenItHappensPlay.com or by calling (212) 925-2812.

Ken Jennings Stars In THE GOSPEL OF JOHN At The Sheen Center

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Ken Jennings Stars In THE GOSPEL OF JOHN At The Sheen Center

This holiday season, Sheen Center for Thought & Culture presents The Gospel of John, conceived and performed by award-winning Broadway veteran Ken Jennings (Sweeney Todd, Grand Hotel, Side Show). Jennings brings the Gospel to life on stage – in just 90 minutes.

Directed by John Pietrowski (Artistic Director of Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey), The Gospel of John plays a limited four-week engagement, November 30 through December 29 at The Sheen Center (18 Bleecker Street at the corner of Elizabeth Street, NYC) in the Black Box Theater.

The official opening is Sunday, December 8 at 3PM. Tickets are available online at SheenCenter.org, by phone at 212-925-2812, or in-person at The Sheen Center box office Monday to Friday noon to 5PM and one hour before performances.

St. John’s Gospel is breathtakingly poetic and filled from start to finish with eyewitness details that came from John’s life with Jesus. For over 2,000 years, this written testimony from John’s personal experience has been proclaimed all over the world. Ken Jennings will tell it to audiences as if for the first time, as it was originally told by the Beloved Disciple – so that they too may have a personal encounter this Advent-Christmas season.

Ken Jennings is best known to Broadway audiences for creating the role of Tobias Ragg in the Broadway premiere of Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Jennings received the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical for this role. He created several other roles on Broadway including Georg Strunk in Grand Hotel: The Musical, The Boss in Side Show, and Finian in Finian’s Rainbow at the Irish Rep.

“I memorized this first as a prayer, not as a play,” says Ken Jennings. “I started memorizing The Gospel of John as a spiritual practice during a difficult time in my life. I’ve always had an affinity for John, which has always seemed to truly be a firsthand narrative by a man who was actually there.”

The Gospel of John features scenic design by Charlie Corcoran (The O’Casey Trilogy and The Emperor Jones at the Irish Rep), lighting design by Abigail Hoke-Brady (MukhAgni at Ars Nova), costume design by Tracy Christensen (Broadway’s Sunset Boulevard, All Our Children at The Sheen Center), and sound design by M. Florian Staab (Dublin Carol at the Irish Rep, The Dead, 1904).

BroadwayWorld Interview with Tawni O’Dell

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BWW Interview: Tawni O’ Dell On Sharing Her Family’s Story & Helping Others with Theatrical Memoir, WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU

By Courtney Savoia

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 3.46.08 PM.pngNew York Times best-selling author, Tawni O’Dell brings her theatrical memoir, When It Happens To You to The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture this fall. Directed and co-conceived by two-time Tony nominee, Lynne Taylor-Corbett, this powerful play examines a mother’s struggle to help restore a sense of safety and wholeness to her family after her daughter was the victim of a brutal attack. Ms. O’Dell takes audiences on this courageous journey and tells the story of how this tragedy affected her family and how they are healing in the present day.

BroadwayWorld had the opportunity to speak with Ms. O’Dell after the play’s opening night about her personal journey; how society needs to do better by women; and what audiences can take away, when it comes to caring for their own families.

The title of the play truly sets the stage for your story – making it real for audience members. What has the journey of sharing your family’s story been like in this theatrical memoir?

Tawni: The original idea was to write a book, as I was having almost as much trouble coping with the attack, as my daughter. I was thinking a lot about what I could do for her and thought about using my skill sets as a writer. I thought, in the play, if maybe she could see herself as a character and in an objective way, maybe it might help. After she read the story, she remarked how powerful it was and said it needed to be shared. Working with our director, Lynne Taylor-Corbett, and this wonderful cast has allowed me to talk about it in a new way.

This past Sunday marked opening night in New York City. What was the support like having your daughter, son, and family in the audience?

Opening night was so terrifying. My daughter, son, and whole family were there and I couldn’t have known ahead of time what they’d think. They loved it and my daughter came backstage and gave me a hug and cried — knowing the importance of sharing our story. So far, it has been so positive. I say so far, because there’s not an ending to a story like this and as a parent, you always worry. My daughter left the play feeling good, supported, and loved. She’s not ashamed anymore.

You star as yourself in the play and explain that you are not an actress, but a writer who is here to tell a story. Can you describe what that process is like for you and has it helped with healing in a different way?

It was never a question that I wouldn’t play myself and as a woman who lived this experience, wrote about it, and now is telling audiences about it, it has been cathartic. Society makes people feel like they can’t talk about it, but it’s so necessary to raise your voice.

Being on stage has been a completely new process for me and I have such respect for actors – for their hard work and talent. It’s something that nobody could prepare you for ahead of time! It’s been such a positive experience to work with our cast, director, and producers in telling this story.

Some of the statistics shared in the play are astounding. Particularly, that 1 in 4 women experience sexual assault in their lifetime and those are just the reported cases. Any thoughts on how society can do better?

Society needs to do better. Women have to feel safe in speaking out and with an issue like rape, seeking professional help is really important.

It’s also been really nice to see the amount of men coming to the show and having conversations around how we can take better care of women. Women are human beings and seeing the hurt makes it very real.

In my opinion, there are not enough resources to deal with rape cases. Women need legal recourses and to feel supported. While it’s hard to know the answer, it’s imperative that we talk about this. As a society, we are trying to move forward and I hope with this play, we can be a small part of starting that dialogue.

What do you hope audience members will take away with them?

While the play contains heavy material, there also is a lot of humor and love. It’s not a play about rape – but is a play about a family dealing with the ripple effects of a violent crime. The play brings out a feeling of empathy and I hope audiences will check in with those they love after seeing the show.

When It Happens To You runs through November 10th at the Sheen Center for Thought & Culture.

Photo Flash: WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU Opens At The Sheen Center

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Photo Flash: WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU Opens At The Sheen Center

Last night, Sunday, October 13, Tawni O’Dell’s new play, When It Happens to You, opened off-Broadway at The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture.
Directed by Tony-nominated director Lynne Taylor-Corbett, O’Dell shares the stage with E. Clayton Cornelious, Connor Lawrence and Kelly Swint. The company celebrated opening night at a party at Pheobe’s where the company celebrated with opening night attendees including Michael Bolton and Laura Marano.

When It Happens to You, a new play by New York Times best-selling writer Tawni O’Dell (Back Roads, Angels Burning), is now playing at off-Broadway at The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture (18 Bleecker Street at the corner of Elizabeth Street, NYC) through November 10. Presented by Warren & Jale Trepp, The Story Plant and EclayRossie Productions, the world-premiere production is directed and co-conceived by two-time Tony-nominee Lynne Taylor-Corbett. In When It Happens to You, O’Dell is joined on stage by actors E. Clayton Cornelious, Connor Lawrence, and Kelly Swint.

When It Happens to You features a scenic design by Rob Bissinger and Anita LaScala, costume design by David C. Woolard, lighting design by Daisy Long, and sound design by Caroline Eng.


It doesn’t fade over time. It metastasizes. A sexual assault can last a matter of minutes, but the subsequent disintegration can last a lifetime. This is true for the victim and the family surrounding her. A mother. A brother. Even a pet. Based on her personal experience, Tawni O’Dell’s theatrical memoir, When It Happens to You, is about a mother’s struggle to help restore a sense of safety and wholeness to her family after her daughter was the victim of a brutal attack. It’s a journey that continues to this day, nearly five years since she received that middle of the night phone call every parent dreads.

“The first time I held my daughter after she was born I made a silent promise to her I would always protect her,” says Tawni O’Dell. “Then came a night in our future when that promise was shattered. I couldn’t protect her from the man who stalked her through the streets of her beloved New York City, broke into her home, and assaulted her,” says Tawni O’Dell. “During the next few years, her life fell apart and so did my own as I tried to help her deal with the fallout from this awful crime. As a way to help make sense of what we were going through, I did what writers do: I wrote about it. I didn’t know if I would ever share our story with the world, but I’m proud to say my daughter has decided that we should in the hopes that we might be able to help other victims and their families. Rape touches just about every one of us. More women are sexually assaulted in this country than are affected by heart disease and breast cancer combined. To say it is an epidemic, is not hyperbole.”

Associate Producers are Joseph Parone, Sandra Maxwell Brooks/Kimberly JaJuan, and Marcia Roberts.

Tawni O’Dell is the New York Times bestselling author of six novels including Back Roads which was an Oprah Winfrey Book Club selection and was recently made into a film with a screenplay adapted by Tawni. She also wrote and co-produced the popular audio drama, Rewrites. Her novels have been published in over 40 countries. Tawni grew up in western Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Northwestern University.

When It Happens to You plays a limited engagement through November 10 off-Broadway at The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture (18 Bleecker Street at the corner of Elizabeth Street, NYC) in the Loreto Theater. The official opening is Sunday, October 13 at 7:30PM. The regular performance schedule: Tuesday and Sunday at 7PM; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8PM; with matinees Saturday at 2PM and Sunday at 3PM. There is a special 3PM matinee on Wednesday October 30, and no evening performance on October 31. Tickets are $49.50 – 79.50. Premium tickets are available. Tickets are available online at www.WhenItHappensPlay.com, by phone at 212-925-2812, or in-person at The Sheen Center box office.

Photo Credit: Janie Willison

Vanessa Williams & Friends: Thankful for Christmas at The Sheen Center on 11/18

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Norm Lewis, Michael Urie, Leslie Kritzer And More Join Vanessa Williams For THANKFUL FOR CHRISTMAS Holiday Benefit

The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture, the arts center of the Archdiocese of New York, launches the holiday season with a one-night-only festive concert event, Vanessa Williams & Friends: Thankful for Christmas,” on Monday, November 18 at 7:30PM in the Loreto Theater, 18 Bleecker Street (between Elizabeth and Mott Streets).

Tony, Grammy and Emmy Award nominee Vanessa Williams (Broadway: Into The Woods, Kiss of the Spider Woman; Film & TV: Pocahontas, “Ugly Betty,” “Desperate Housewives.” “Daytime Divas”; Recordings: “Save The Best for Last,” “The Sweetest Days”) will be joined on stageby Broadway veterans Leslie Kritzer (Beetlejuice, Something Rotten!, Sondheim on Sondheim), Norm Lewis (NBC’s “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert,” The Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess, Phantom of the Opera), and Michael Urie (Torch Song, How to Succeed in Business, TV’s “Ugly Betty,” “Younger”), former New York Yankees All-Star and Latin Grammy-nominated jazz guitarist Bernie Williams, and His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan. Proceeds from the evening benefit The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture.

Vanessa Williams & Friends: Thankful for Christmas” is produced by Dan Parise, Diversified Production Services (DPS), whose many productions include the Papal Mass at Madison Square Garden. Musical direction for the evening is by Rob Mathes, the Emmy Award-winning, Grammy, Tony, and Drama Desk Award-nominated arranger/composer, music producer/director, and singer/songwriter. Rob has produced recordings by Sting (his last three records), Rod Stewart, Carly Simon, Vanessa Williams, among others.

“I can’t think of another place I’d rather be to kick-off the holiday season than on the stage of the Loreto Theater at the Sheen Center,” says Vanessa Williams. “It will be a glorious night of music including some of my greatest hits – ‘Save the Best for Last,’ ‘Sweetest Days,’ ‘Colors of the Wind’ – as well holiday favorites. It will be such a treat to share the stage again with three of my favorite co-stars: Leslie Kritzer, Norm Lewis and Michael Urie. This is The Sheen Center’s first benefit, which I hope will be an annual event. I fell in love with The Sheen Center from the moment I first set on the stage for my evening of conversation and song hosted by Fr. Edward Beck. Since then, I’ve become a board member and it has been wonderful to give back to this amazing jewel of an arts center and the community it serves.”

“We all know Vanessa Williams from her recordings and her fabulous performances on Broadway, television and film,” says David DiCerto, Interim Executive Director of The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture. “But the most extraordinary thing about Vanessa is her big heart. We can’t thank Vanessa enough for headlining this extraordinary concert, serving as a vital member of our Board of Directors, and launching Christmas season in a big way for all of us here at The Sheen Center.”

“Vanessa Williams & Friends: Thankful for Christmas” plays one-night-only Monday, November 18: at 7PM at The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture (18 Bleecker Street at the corner of Elizabeth Street in NYC). Individual tickets are $150. $250 benefit tickets include a guest pass for the post-concert cast party. For tickets and more information visit www.sheencenter.org/shows/vanessa.

Seth Rudetsky’s Broadway at Town Hall

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 5.56.36 PM

Tony Winner Brian Stokes Mitchell Joins Lineup for Seth Rudetsky’s Broadway at Town Hall

Megan Hilty, Patina Miller, and Jessie Mueller will also join Rudetsky at the Manhattan venue.

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 4.00.03 PM

Tony winner Brian Stokes Mitchell has joined the lineup for Seth Rudetsky’s Broadway, SiriusXM host and Playbill correspondent Rudetsky’s series of intimate concerts at New York’s Town Hall in the coming months.

Mitchell, who was last on Broadway in the Tony-nominated musical Shuffle Along, joins the previously reported Tony nominee Megan Hilty and Tony winners Patina Miller and Jessie Mueller. Vanessa Williams, who was previously announced for the series, is no longer part of the lineup.

The cabaret series blends a talk-show format with a greatest hits concert, where Broadway stars share behind-the-scenes stories and revisit memorable songs from their careers.

Hilty and Mueller, who co-star as country legends Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn in the upcoming Lifetime movie Patsy & Loretta, will join Rudetsky December 2, with Miller to follow February 2, 2020, and Mitchell April 13. Mark Cortale produces the concerts.

Mitchell earned Tony, Drama Desk, and Outer Critics Circle Awards for his performance in Kiss Me, Kate. He also received Tony nominations for his performances in Man of La Mancha, August Wilson’s King Hedley II, and Ragtime, and he was recently inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame. Other notable Broadway shows include Kiss of the Spider Woman, Jelly’s Last Jam, and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. In 2016, Mitchell received his most recent Tony Award for his work as Chairman of the Board of the Actors Fund.

Ring in the New Year with Annaleigh Ashford & Seth Sikes at Feinstein’s/54 Below

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Ring In The New Year With Annaleigh Ashford & Seth Sikes At Feinstein’s/54 Below

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Feinstein’s/54 Below as two beloved artists return to Broadway’s Supper Club to usher in the new year, Tony Award-winner Annaleigh Ashford and Seth Sikes!

Join Annaleigh Ashford, Tony Award-winning star of the most recent revival of Sunday in the Park with George, Kinky Boots, and You Can’t Take it With You, along with Will Van Dyke and the Whiskey 5 to welcome New York to its 2020s.

A little glam rock, glitter, gay magic and some singalongs will help you ring in this fabulous new year. Bring your dancing pumps and some sequins because we know how to get your heart ready for this new year!

Seth Sikes rings in the new decade singing 20 20s songs for 2020, backed by a seven-piece band. The songs may be a century old, but Sikes is a modern boy, and he’ll do his best to keep the songs as fast and loose as the 1920s were themselves.

Sikes returns after playing to consistently sold-out houses at the venue in his critically-acclaimed tributes to Judy Garland (which won a BroadwayWorld Award), Liza Minnelli, and Bernadette Peters.

For more information visit: www.54Below.com/Feinsteins